The product:
REMARKABLE CITIES is a serie of our favorite cities, cutted out in brass. Maybe you decorate your window, your plant, your christmas tree or find new ways to be creative. Get a set of five buildings, Aarhus contains Aros, Rådhuset, Domkirken, Bogtårnet & Isbjerget.

The material:
Brass is a fantastic material because it reacts. You can polish the surface with a kitchen sponge for a more refined and light look or leave them outside to give them a rough patinated touch.

The little string:
Measure and cut it as it suits you. Some like asymmetry, some like to hang them straight in a line. We let this be your own choice as so with the color of string. Blue and black is available.

The tips:
Use our holder to have REMARKBLE CITIES standing in your table.


You can get REMARKABLE CITIES here:
1+1 Tekstil - Grønnegade 41, Aarhus
Grün, Jægergårdsgade 46, Aarhus

Or send us en email and we mail it to you:


  • With a blue string
  • With a black string